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Welcome to Tetra VP

We listen and work together.

Formed by highly experienced VP specialists from broadcast, film, and television, TetraVP was set up to provide virtual production expertise to a wider market than purely entertainment.

· 100% focussed on LED virtual production
· Addressing multiple market sectors - from corporate to cinematic
· 25+ years experience in virtual production
· Background in visual effects, broadcast and film
· Extensive on-set virtual production experience
  • Complete design, integration, and support service
  • Utilisation of the very latest virtual production components
  • Engineered for superior imaging and efficient workflow
  • Service aimed at distributors, LED manufacturers, AV integrators
  • LED VP studios designed around a partner VP product e.g. LED tile
  • Enables partner to sell their individual product, without needing LED VP expertise
  • Consultancy

  • Design

  • Integration

  • Calibration

  • On-set VP training

  • System Support

co-founder & cco

Mike Grieve

With over 30 years of experience in broadcast, film, visual effects, systems integration, and virtual technologies, Mike has extensive industry experience across production and post-production.  He has been involved in virtual production from its inception in the mid-1990s, through the adoption of games engines, 3D tracking, and real-time compositing, to the current incarnation offering in-camera VFX (ICVFX) using LED volumes.

In 2010, whilst a Director of FilmLight, the company won 4 AMPAS SciTech Awards in the same year for film scanning, colour grading, and colour management.  More recently, as Commercial Director of Mo-Sys, Mike helped drive two consecutive years of near 100 % growth, with the company winning numerous awards for pioneering virtual production technology, including 2 HPA Engineering Awards in consecutive years – an industry first.

Today, as Co-Founder of TetraVP, Mike manages the commercial side of the company’s LED virtual production systems and services, focussing on corporates and cinematic studios. Mike is a member of the Visual Effects Society (VES) and a contributor to its recently released Virtual Production Handbook.

VES Virtual Production Handbook
VES Handbook TetraVP
co-founder & cto

Oleksandr Skrypnyk

Oleks is one of the most experienced Virtual Production technicians in the UK. He was Mo-Sys' lead technician for over 5 years, and has been involved in virtual production projects for commercials, broadcast, live events, and corporates. In addition to providing technical setup and support for all aspects of a virtual production project, he has operated this technology in live to air scenarios in multiple countries. Below is a small sample of the higher profile projects Oleks has worked on, projects that encompass green screen virtual studios, blue screen virtual studios, LED virtual studios, augmented reality, and mixed reality:

·        BBC “Match of the Day”/dock 10 – green screen VS camera tracking

·       Brit Awards 2020 – the 'Dave' AR piano performance - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXLS2IzZSdg

·        Audi e-Tron commercial with Tom Hardy – blue screen VS - https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Po0R11

·        BBC “Match of the Day”/dock 10 – green screen VS camera tracking

·        Sky UK – The Great Debate – VP consultancy and VS camera tracking installation

·        BBC “Strictly Come Dancing”/Potion Pictures (multiple years) – AR and rear-screen LED projection (floor) -                             https://www.facebook.com/PotionPictures/videos/strictly-come-dancing-2020-screen-projected-and-ar-graphics/1387909154884515/

·        TikTok Live/UEFA 2021 – Ed Sheeran

·        ITV “Ant & Dec's Limitless Win” – green screen VS, AR, LED VS - https://www.hellodolly.tv/ant-and-dec-s-limitless-win

Training Partner
On-set Craft VP Training

Garden Studios

Garden Studios

The TetraVP team have had a long-standing relationship with Garden Studios, dating back to when the studios were originally being built.
Being one of the first VP stages in London, Garden Studios has, probably, completed more LED VP productions than any other UK studio.

Throughout this, Garden Studios’ team gained unique experience of craft LED VP across a wide variety of media production genres, which is what makes their LED VP courses exceptionally valuable, compared to other courses.
Mark Pilborough-Skinner

Mark Pilborough-Skinner

Mark Pilborough-Skinner is the Virtual Production Supervisor at Garden Studios, where he leads all virtual production and heads up a team of talented VFX artists and technicians. Mark joined Garden Studios at its inception to help build and run the UK's first permanent virtual production stage - bringing the expertise and experience gained in his previous roles, where he worked on innovative VR, XR and VP projects in the live events, arts and music spaces. Mark and his team’s LED VP experiences are fed directly into Garden Studios’ craft VP training courses, which is why they are valued so highly.

Training Partner
LED VP Colour Science & Calibration



ColorQ is a both a training academy for colour science, and a colour calibration service for LED VP studios. TetraVP uses both of ColorQ’s services to complement its LED VP solutions.
Dan Mulligan

Dan Mulligan

Dan Mulligan who runs ColorQ, is a Colour Scientist and has been practising in film production for 30 years, with jobs in F1 and then cinematography for drama, film work and features. He has run companies which specialize in digital cinematography since 2004, and in 2022 was involved in the installation of the world’s largest LED volume in Melbourne, Australia. “I began my career as a Cameraman, and quickly progressed from Cinematographer to Digital Locations Manager. This meant I was always working in grading suites and on set with the latest digital recording equipment. It was not long before I found myself working as a Colour Scientist for VFX houses and subsequently moving on to LED volumes, where colour is such a vital component now.” With a lifetime of experience to share, Dan currently works and trains in the areas of colour science for LED volumes and virtual production: “Understanding wall calibration, sensor camera responses and the processors driving the walls is vital - it’s a colour marriage that needs nurturing because it underpins the entire ICVFX process.” TetraVP’s views on the importance of colour calibration in a LED VP studio align perfectly with ColorQ’s views.

Installation Partner
LED Wall & LED Ceiling commissioning



TetraVP have worked with the Nordmas team previously and use them for larger LED VP installations as an additional resource. Nordmas have been delivering impactful global LED projects for over 8 years, including multiple LED VP stages. They are recognised as Narrow Pixel Pitch (NPP) installation specialists having delivered precision LED projects down to a 0.8mm pixel pitch. They have extensive experience of multiple LED technologies e.g. SMD, GOB, COB, and MicroLED, and with Brompton LED processors. Nordmas adhere to stringent LED installation regulations and safety protocols, prioritising the well-being of personnel and users above all other drivers.

30 years VP experience

LED Virtual Production from TetraVP