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Broadcast LED Virtual Production

Broadcasters use LED panels / walls for three scenarios.

For studios used to shoot multiple programmes, LED panels can be used to create the majority of the show branding, enabling simple switching between show sets. LED panels also allow shows to easily deliver seasonal or story-led supplementary branding at short notice.

LED walls are commonly used to provide story-led graphics, or dynamic scene backdrops, where the presenters or talent interact with the content displayed. Earlier screens with larger pixel pitches and reduced colour gamut LEDs, exhibit Moiré patterning and pixelation, and these are now being replaced with specially designed LED tiles for broadcast.

Most sports and news programmes today use green screen studios to deliver high impact virtual studio sets and augmented reality graphics. However, using a LED wall instead of a green screen delivers a composite image free of edge artefacts around the talent. It also provides a much more compelling environment to perform in where presenters and talent can see themselves in context to the virtual set.

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