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Companies today have to generate a greater amount of video than ever before.

More output channels to deliver to, more use of video as the primary communication tool, and ever-faster response times, have all driven corporate video demand through the roof.

How can corporates cope ?

An LED virtual production studio, with its ability to almost instantly change virtual sets and  deliver composite effects shots in real-time, is a game changer. It saves time and money and enables greater content throughput – exactly what corporates need.

But there’s a challenge. AV integrators, normally the first people companies turn to for any AV related solution, are simply not equipped to design, integrate, train, and support a LED VP studio. How could they be, they don’t have broadcast or television VP experience, and are not likely to. On top of this, the LED tile manufacturers AV integrators represent are growing frustrated that their LED tiles are not being deployed in corporate LED VP studios.

How do we solve these issues ?

TetraVP has a dual approach to this:

Using our extensive on-set experience and expertise from broadcast, television, and cinematic productions, we are uniquely positioned to offer complete LED VP studios to the corporate market. We understand the different requirements corporates have to broadcasters, and the different skillsets involved, meaning that we can offer LED VP solutions of different complexities to match requirements.

TetraVP’s ‘Partner LED VP Integration Service’ enables LED manufacturers, or AV Integrators, to sell their individual product integrated into a complete LED VP studio. TetraVP handles all aspects of the design, integration, support, and training, enabling the AV integrator or manufacturer to manage the customer relationship.

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