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LED volumes need cinematic LED tiles, not live event tiles.

Almost 4 years on from the release of Disney’s “The Mandalorian”, we now know that LED volumes need cinematic LED tiles, not live event tiles. Cinematic LED tiles have a narrow pixel pitch, high colour gamut, high light output, superior viewing angles, and scan rates and scan ratios that are significantly better than those used for live events.


The team behind TetraVP have been through all the changes in LED VP technology, from before “The Mandalorian” was released, to the present day. We understand the science behind LED imaging, the colour pipeline, the re-ordered workflow, and importantly the components and processes required for a successful LED VP studio.

Using our extensive on-set experience and expertise from broadcast, television, and cinematic productions, we are uniquely positioned to offer complete LED VP studios to the corporate market. We understand the different requirements corporates have to broadcasters, and the different skillsets involved, meaning that we can offer LED VP solutions of different complexities to match requirements.

TetraVP’s ‘Partner LED VP Integration Service’ enables LED manufacturers, or AV Integrators, to sell their individual product integrated into a complete LED VP studio. TetraVP handles all aspects of the design, integration, support, and training, enabling the AV integrator or manufacturer to manage the customer relationship.

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