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For any entity planning on teaching LED virtual production, there are 3 core requirements

TetraVP is unique in having both the skillset to design and integrate LED VP studios to commercial standards, whilst also possessing the on-set LED VP experience and connections to commercial productions, to deliver on all three core requirements.

This has to be designed by integrators with real-world on-set LED VP experience. This ensures that the full range of VP techniques and types can be taught to professional standards.

Lecturers need to be trained not just in the theory of LED VP and how each component works, but in the set-up, workflow, calibration, and on-set use of the LED VP studio. This is what industry needs graduates to have for employment opportunities.

LED virtual production is new. Standards have yet to be established, component products are developing at a rapid rate, and new techniques are appearing that simplify and accelerate virtual production shooting. It is therefore crucial that universities with LED VP studies have strong ties to both equipment manufacturers, and to what is happening on-set in commercial LED VP productions, so that their degree courses remain relevant.

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